CNJAA is formed on a firm understanding of what the aviation industry is looking for and we train our pilots accordingly. We offer one of the best facilities to learn flying. We are committed to meeting the high expectations of the aviation industry. 
Knowledge will be the foundation for your training and career as a pilot. The right knowledge will enable you to pass your DGCA exams and Airline interviews throughout your flying career in different environments and challenging conditions. 

To be a good pilot, you must have a good understanding of DGCA theory subjects. This is necessary not only for passing exams but also for safe flight operations. Rather than Rote learning, all of our instructors focus on Concept-based training. Students learn much more effectively from our experienced instructors who provide live examples throughout the session. You will find this training to be extremely helpful during your Flight Training.

During regular performance evaluations, we work on student’s weak areas, so that they can convert those weaknesses into “strengths.”
At CNJAA, our ground school is focused on building your knowledge and the practical application of that knowledge. 
Online and offline training for all Aviation subjects is conducted as per the syllabus prescribed by the Director-General of Civil Aviation.

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