You must have a 10+2 pass with Physics and Maths from the science stream.

If not, you must pass the Maths and Physics exam from the recognised University / Board or from National Institute of Open University (NIOS).

The minimum age requirement to enroll for Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is 16 years and for Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is 17 years.

Yes, provided you have passed 10+2 with Mathematics and Physics.

Yes, you just need to pass Physics & Mathematics as additional subjects from any of the recognized University/Board or through NIOS exam.

You need to study 6 subjects to get a CPL as mentioned below.

Air Regulations · Air Navigation · Aviation Meteorology · Aircraft Technical General · Aircraft Technical Specific · Radio & Telecommunication

This will not be an issue as you can appear for your papers in the next DGCA attempt. DGCA conducts exam every three months.

You need to fly total 200:00 Hrs out of which 185:00 Hrs should be on Single Engine Aircraft and 15:00 Hrs on Multi Engine Aircraft.

The duration of CPL course is approx 12 - 14 months.

CPL is the license given to those who wish to take up their career as a pilot with the commercial airlines. 


PPL is for those who wish to be a pilot as a hobby or for those who want to own an aircraft.

Following are the validity of Pilot Licenses:

Student Pilot Licence (SPL) is valid for 5 years.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is valid for 10 years.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is valid for 10 years.

Class-II medical is the preliminary medical one should undergo to get Private Pilot License (PPL) or Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

Class 2 medical is mandatory before anyone applies for a class 1 medical. Only when you clear the Class-II medical examination, then you can apply for a class-1 medical examination.

As per DGCA, for both Class-II and Class-I medical all the tests should be done only at NABH or NABL accredited laboratories.

Class-II followed by Class-I are the two medical tests required to become a Commercial Pilot.

Class-II medical is valid for 2 years and Class-I medical is valid for 1 year.

Yes. You just need to have an eye sight of 6/6 with corrective glasses. Important is you should not be colour blind.

You need to be at least 153 cms.

You must have a good understanding of numerical, analytical, logical reasoning and good communication skills.

You must have a good command on English language.

Yes, but you need to convert your foreign License to Indian License as per DGCA regulations

Yes, but you will have to pass the respective county’s aviation exam to convert your Indian License to their country’s license.

Through regular tests and progress reports from respective instructors, we keep an eye on every student about his/her progress.

If you have any questions please reach out to us to get answers.

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