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CNJAA is Captain Nikhil Jadhav Aviation Academy located in Baramati about 115 Kms to the South East of Pune City. 

We provide multiple services in aviation.

about us
Know our mentor

Our Mentor and Director Captain Nikhil Jadhav is highly experienced in aviation field. 

From the desk of Mentor

  • 15+ years of experience 
  • 5000+ flying hours
  • Ex Chief flight Instructor
  • Ex DGCA Examiner
  • Seaplane Pilot 
  • NSOP Pilot 
  • Airline Pilot 
  • Trained 500+ Pilots
  • Students flying internationally

We have a team of highly experienced and well groomed instructors. They are passionate, generous and friendly at the same time. 

Instructors come from different aviation backgrounds which make them stand out in the community. 

Environmental welfare

Planting hope for a better tomorrow.

We always take from Mother nature but seldom give back. 

We at CNJAA will make sincere efforts towards improving the community to make the world a better place to live. 

We therefore take a pledge to plant one tree per student and take care of that plant to our full capacity.

You can reach out to us to get more details.

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